Bourgeois & Maurice are infamous neo-cabaret performers with a dark secret: they kill the young, beautiful members of their audience to make life-preserving make-up, the very special greasepaint that has kept them youthful for the two centuries since they first landed on Earth.

But their audience is getting older, hideously old, like older than thirty; gross. It’s too long since they had a good kill; they are visibly wilting. And there’s a new danger in their midst: Pam, the strange, enigmatic Theatre Manager, paying them such close attention, watching their every move. Is she on to them? Does she know?  

And now Maurice has caught pregnancy. For Bourgeois here’s the solution to all their problems: kill the baby and turn it into youth powder, after all, what more of a youthful superfan could you ask for, than your own baby? It’s perfect! Maurice isn’t convinced, for some weird reason killing her baby just doesn’t feel right. They need to find another solution, but time is running out, Pam is closing in, and one way or another someone is going to have to die.

Bourgeois & Maurice: Youthanasia is a four-part mini-series. It comes with a supporting cast that includes Lucy McCormick (Triple Threat), Jayde Adams (Bloody TracyThe Divine Ms Jayde) and comedian Asher Treleaven.